Interview with Brent Bultitude on radio 2SM on my Cosmos cover story Mind and muscle: how to age well.

The Podcast is here and the blurb below:

“It’s long been accepted that your biological age can be quite different to your chronological age, based on a range of environmental factors. Now Australian scientists are determining the specific impact that exercise plays in making us age better, and the findings are already changing expectations.

Like many people, you’re no doubt contemplating a New Year’s resolution (or two) right now. In the vast majority of cases, people want to get fitter and age better. With thanks to this latest scientific research, you have a much smarter pathway to achieving those goals.
In a special feature for leading science publication COSMOS, doctor turned science journalist Paul Biegler talks to the researchers who will ultimately reshape our understanding of exercise and its benefits.

Involving experts from exercise geneticists to leading cardiologists, the groundbreaking research is helping us to understand how our muscles can work at their optimum, and be programmed, depending on age and exercise regimes.

Some Australians have even donated small pieces of their own thigh muscles to be analysed as part of the program, and lab mice are churning out 15-kilometres on the treadmill at night.

Indeed, as part of the report, Dr Biegler shares a bike ride with a 72-year-old retiree who has recently completed her 19th Ironman race in just the past decade, while recovering from and dealing with other significant health issues.

The report explains how science is better understanding that it’s ‘never too late’, with muscle retaining its ability to adapt to exercise. It’s just that now, thanks to this benchmark Australian research, we are learning the key reasons why.”